Value-added services

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Datang Mobile AgileSite Provides New Ideas for Traffic Operation under the Wave of Digitalization
The maturity of the 4G network has brought about hundreds of flowers on the application layer. All walks of life (commercial, medical, education, entertainment, tourism, etc.) have started the Internet+ mode. For operators, the development of high data traffic consumes... [full text]
Huawei Helps Ningbo Digital TV Accelerate Rapid Development of New Value-added Services
Since its establishment in 2005, Ningbo Digital TV Co., Ltd. has dedicated itself to building a digital television system that integrates public communication, information services, culture and entertainment, and communication and interaction to provide users with rich program content and personalization... [full text]
British Telecom applies for value-added telecommunications business license in Shanghai Free Trade Zone
British Telecom (BT) filed an application with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last week for a value-added telecommunications business license in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. [full text]
National Value-added Telecom Market Development Report
The China Information and Communications Research Institute released a report on the development of the national value-added telecommunications service market. The report shows that the regional development of the national value-added telecommunications service market is characterized by unbalanced development. Among the 4276 trans-regional companies, the registered office in Beijing has 16... [full text]
VAS2016 China Value-Added Telecom Business Summit Forum
The new generation of information technology represented by mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, and internet of things, and the cross-border integration of various fields and industries has become the new round of scientific and technological innovation with the most active innovation, widest penetration, and far-reaching impact. [full text]