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Google update cloud speech to text service, dictation call error rate reduced by 54%
Cloud Speech-to-Text service has been redesigned to provide four modes of command and search, phone, video and preset. The error rate of the enhanced phone mode dictation call has been reduced by 54%. . [full text]
Microsoft Instantly Converts Lecture Content to Text Using Speech Recognition
Microsoft's official blog on the 5th published the use of AI technology to help deaf students learn the outcome of Presentation Translator, through speech recognition technology, will be taught in the classroom speech into text, to help the deaf... [full text]
Bioko Announces Next-Generation Teams Solution
AudioCodes Voice Solutions Experts recently attended Enterprise Connect (one of the largest international communication shows in the enterprise market) in Orlando, United States, with many of today's technology... [full text]
Inspur AI intelligent voice gateway becomes CCBN's new “net red”
On March 22nd, the CCBN2018 exhibition came on schedule. In the boom of AI, VR, cloud computing, and Big Data exhibitors, Inspur joint sound technology and Baidu DuerOS opened new trails, innovative innovations based on artificial intelligence and far field... [full text]
Shen Jian Technology Speech Recognition Acceleration System Launches AWS
On March 5, 2018, SJM announced the official launch of DDESE (DeePhi Descartes Efficient Spe... [full text]