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BJ Network Wireless Screening Software SDK Solution Focused on Solving Multi-screen Interactive Problems
In the era of mobile Internet, multi-screen interaction of smart terminals has become an indispensable application scenario in the education, medical, financial, and commercial office industries. BJ Networks regards technological innovation as the cornerstone and will be the industry's leading wireless technology... [full text]
Huawei converged communications: based on ecology, cost reduction and efficiency improvement
Yangchun March, Mei Yanzhitou, Huawei's eco-partners met the Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, and grandly held “Because Gathering, Giving Prosperity, Giving Prosperity to the World – Co-XA Huawei China Eco-Friends Conference 2018”. Huawei and more than 15,000 Jia... [full text]
Virginia Hospital Center Selects Spok's Corporate Communication Platform to Supplement EHR
Spok Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spok Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: Spok) and a global healthcare communications provider, announced that the Virginia Hospital Center selected Spok Care Connect(R), a... [full text]
Cloud News Corporate Communication Products - U+ Latest Online
Communication is just what each company needs. However, not every company can solve this problem well, especially for those enterprises with complicated organizations, many employees, and scattered office space; [full text]
Cisco launches hyper-hybrid HyperFlex 3.0!
Based on the 2400+ success stories, Cisco fully released HyperFlex 3 0, and based on HyperFlex 20, the following performance enhancements were made: [full text]