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12331 call center in Shanghai protects the safety of food for the public all year round

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“Hello, what can I do to help you?” Attitude and sympathy, the operator of the Shanghai Food Safety Complaints and Reporting Center (“12331”) is handling the calls of the masses in an orderly manner. The hour hand slowly points to two in the afternoon, and the center is about to usher in yet another wave of calls.
365 days throughout the year, from the establishment of more than 40,000 calls in the first year to more than 140,000 calls last year, the 35-year-old team with an average age of less than 31 years guards the safety of food and drug safety day and night. On line, in order to maintain the safety of the people's diet and medication, they serve as "a thousand miles", "good wind ear" and "reducing valve".
Chatting for two hours, practicing a "strong heart"
When the "12331" call center was just established, the recruiting operator was a group of university graduates who had just walked out of the school gate. On the first day they went to the center, Yang Hongjing, the deputy director of the center, taught them three "heart-to-heart" experiences: First, this is the government hotline, which stands for the government at all times. Second, it must take the initiative to improve its business capabilities. The third and most important one is to strengthen the ability to cultivate emotional relief.
The attendant's incoming call is often divided into three parts: complaints, reports, and consultations. Unlike many people's imaginary leisure calls that only answer the phone, eight hours of work, in addition to regular meals, and occasionally on the bathroom, the operator basically put himself "pinned" in the seat. However, this is not a must, and it is necessary to be able to resolve depressed and aggrieved people as operators.
The “12331” traffic manager Gu Hairui went to the center after his resignation. He encountered a lot of cases when the public got angry with the operator because he had bought a bad product. In this regard, he said that he "understands" and "buying fake and shoddy goods affects their own interests and is indeed inevitably angry."
However, there were still a few calls that made the operators laugh and laugh. On one occasion, a Hangzhou girl called the hotline and asked: “I just ate beef jerky. Will I get mad cow disease?” “I was questioned at the time.” Gu Hairu said that the girl saw the rumors from the Internet. There are quality problems with imported beef from Argentina. She is very worried. Gu Hairui took a full two hours to resolve her concerns.
Regardless of what the other party said, the "red line" of the operator cannot conflict with the caller, and cannot hang up the phone. Gradually, the operator trained a "powerful heart." "When I first came to work, I often needed to vent. Now we will decompress ourselves through exercise and fitness, and everyone encourages each other." Gu Hairui said.
Stepping forward and take the initiative to serve as a life-saving drug for the people
According to statistics from the “12331” call center, the number of complaints received per 100,000 population in the past year was 577.7, ranking the first in the country. This is one of the most common consultations about buying "orphan drugs" and "lifesaving drugs."
Last July, Aunt Zhang’s son was accidentally injured on the construction site. Because the injured person is a special constitution, he cannot use the conventional “tetanus vaccine” on the market, and doctors must use “tetanus immunoglobulin”, but this drug is not a hospital standing drug. “When Auntie found us, her hands were cold and she kept shaking.” Gu Hairu remembered the scene at that time.
Buying "orphan drugs" and "lifesaving drugs" is indeed an emergency. Gu Hairui took the initiative to contact the relevant regulatory office of the Municipal Bureau, and after many twists and turns, he finally helped find the only manufacturer of "tetanus immunoglobulin" in Shanghai, the Shanghai Institute of Biological Products. Gu Hairui immediately recorded the address, contact details and other information sent to Zhang aunt. Watching Zhang Aunt nervous to the thoughts of confusion, Gu Hairui took her to buy medicines and sent them to the hospital.
Although this work is not the responsibility of their center, they can do their best for the people. Afterwards, the center also coordinated with related departments to obtain authorization to directly query the real-time circulation of drugs. "Each attendant has the awareness of stepping forward and taking the initiative," Yang Hongjing said.
Spreading scientific knowledge and clarifying cyber rumors
They all said that they "made a mouth and ruined the leg," and "12331" took the initiative to assume the functions of service supervision and promptly clarified rumors about food safety.
Last year, a large number of online rumors about "plastic seaweed" and "cotton floss" were circulated on the Internet, prompting many people to call and express concerns about food safety. “12331” discovers and collects relevant information in a timely manner, reports to the relevant regulatory authorities, and consults with authorities and food experts. After the information disseminated on the Internet was confirmed as false information, the center immediately launched rumors from various angles, and patiently explained to the public in the daily access to electricity. At the same time, it actively released rumors to the public through such channels as food safety magazines and magazines and relevant official websites. The rumors were clarified in a timely manner and the truth was passed to the citizens.
"12331" has been established for seven years. The young operators who have grown up with it have also become the mainstay of the center. They have won the “First Prize for the National Food and Drug Complaints and Reporting Work”, the “Women's Civilization Posts in Shanghai” in 2014, the “National Advanced Group for Food and Drug Supervision and Management System” in 2016, and the “Shanghai May 1st Labour Award” in 2018, etc. Heavyweight awards.
This job may be difficult to create great achievements, but it is precisely these "trivial" trivia that spells out the lives of the people and strung on short strings of citizens. “Sometimes helping others solve a problem, regardless of their size, they all have a sense of accomplishment.” Gu Hairui told reporters that the public’s “thank you” is the biggest compliment of the dialogue officer.
Team biography
From the farmland to the dining table, from the laboratory to the hospital... As the service window of the Shanghai food and drug regulatory system for the whole society, since its establishment in 2011, the Shanghai Food Safety Complaint Reporting and Reception Center (“12331”) has handled a variety of food and drug products. There were more than 570,000 security advisory and complaint reports. Early detection, early warning, and early handling, “12331” is making unremitting efforts to improve people’s sense of satisfaction and satisfaction with food and drug safety.
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