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Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Vip member

Main business: Huawei is a global leader in information and communications solutions

Contact information: 0086-755-28780808

Address of the company: Huatian, Shenzhen, Longgang District

Guangzhou Yihang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: About Yihang Guangzhou Yihang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of communication product design, R&D, sales, and total solution focusing on next generation communication network (NGN+3G+IMS). The company is located in Guangzhou Huajing Software Park, one of the national high-tech industrial development zones, and has offices in India, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places. Yi Hang Communication is an efficient and knowledge-intensive high-tech enterprise. In 2008, it won the National Innovation Fund and was a key supporter of the National Innovation Fund. The company's core team all come from well-known international communication companies. With strong research and development strength, first-class production technology and advanced management concepts, Yi Hang Communication has become a new round of industry applications. The company keeps up with the development trend of international communication technology, constantly blaze new trails, and always keeps pace with international standards in this field, and maintains extensive technology and information exchange with international manufacturers. At the same time, the company also established a good partnership with many well-known companies in the industry. As a professional communication product supplier, Yihang Telecom's customers cover telecommunications, government, power, finance, insurance, postal services, tobacco, TV shopping, online training, BPO, outbound marketing, and e-commerce. Including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Singapore Telecom, Hong Kong and Kee Telecom, PCCW, Southern Telecom and many other top industry customers. At present, the company's products have over 100,000 lines of railway telephone booking services and over 50,000 lines of financial and insurance services. The resulting operating revenue exceeds 10 billion yuan. Yihang Communications will adhere to the principle of "mutual trust and mutual benefit" and will continue to provide customers with advanced and reliable communication products and solutions, and is willing to form a close cooperation partner with SI/ISV/SP and industry users. The banner of converged communications in the era of full-service operations. Yi Hang iSX4000 Multimedia Switch YiShan iSX4000 Multimedia Switch is a universal service development platform specially designed for telecom value-added services and large-capacity call center platforms. It adopts the ALL IN ONE design and can be built without any third party purchasing any other module. Various value-added service applications are truly one-stop service (ONE STOP SERVICE) platforms. They are the best choice for current and future telecom operators and virtual service providers (SP/CP) value-added service plans, especially after China’s restructuring. The three largest operators are all qualified for full-service operations and are planning an unprecedented full-service operating platform (converging wired and wireless, converged voice and data, converged 2G and 3G, converged traditional PSTN and NGN networks, converged telecom networks, and the Internet). Can the equipment win and support such a full-service platform? You may wish to carefully study the iSX4000's luxury stand-alone and cascading configurations: stand-alone support for maximum 128E1 (SS7, PRI) optical interface access, 4096 voice resources, 4096 conference resources, up to 6464 IP (G.711-6464, G .729-2688 Road, G.723-2048 Road), 768 Fax Resources, 1280 Road FSK Resources (for E-POS), 1024 Video Resources. Through the easy-to-use management and maintenance tool OAM, these resources can be arbitrarily combined, dynamically configured, and smoothly upgraded. In addition, the iSX4000 natively configured DSP uses high-performance echo cancellation and sound quality enhancement (EC and VQE) algorithms that surpass the latest G.168 standard tests (accepting world-leading experiments including BT and AT&T). During the test of the room, its voice processing quality has been confirmed as a carrier-grade algorithm and is one of the highest benchmarks. It can achieve very good voice quality and incredible user experience in ASR recognition, conference call, voice Excellent performance in applications such as chat and IP calls, with a speech recognition rate that is 10% higher than the best in the industry, mobile phone calls close to fixed phone calls, IP calls close to fixed phone calls, and voice calls without any noise. In 3G applications, in addition to support for regular 3G324M gateway functions, real-time recording and playback of video files IVVR, video ringback MRBT functions, video conferencing, multi-channel video real-time transcoding (3GP, MP4, ASF, AVI), subtitle overlay , LOGO insertion, etc. to facilitate the operation and post-program production of complex functions. With such a flexible and luxurious stand-alone configuration, no other manufacturers at home and abroad can realize such capacity and complex functions. What's more, we have designed a dedicated cascaded optical interface for the iSX4000 and can easily achieve up to 16 non-blocking cascades. Can be reduced to digital cross-multiplexing equipment or signaling acquisition equipment. Yi Hang iSX1000 Multimedia Switch YiYi iSX1000 multimedia switch is a general service development platform tailored for the new generation call center. It adopts the ALL IN ONE design. It can build a very perfect call center without purchasing any third party any other components. Business or corporate unified communications platform completely abandon the past patch solution (switch + IVR + CTI LINK + CALL LOGGING) using a combination of cards or switches, and in order to be backward compatible with this traditional solution, iSX1000 can provide corresponding TSAPI interface for seamless transition and migration. The iSX1000 supports 8E1 (SS7, PRI) access, up to 1212 IP (G.711-1212, G.729-504, and G.723-384) and 120 analog seats (FXO and FXS configurations) ), 768-way voice resources, 768-way conference resources, 240-channel FSK resources (for E-POS), 72-way facsimile resources, 192-channel video resources, and any combination of these resources can be achieved through an easy-to-use management and maintenance tool OAM. Dynamic configuration, smooth upgrade. Not only that, the iSX1000 native synchronously configured DSP employs high-performance echo cancellation and sound quality enhancement (EC and VQE) algorithms that surpass the latest G.168 standard tests (accepting world-leading experiments including BT and AT&T). During the test of the room, its voice processing quality has been confirmed as a carrier-grade algorithm and is one of the highest benchmarks. It can achieve very good voice quality and incredible user experience in ASR recognition, conference call, voice Excellent performance in applications such as chat and IP calls, with a speech recognition rate that is 10% higher than the best in the industry, mobile phone calls approaching fixed-line, IP calls close to fixed-line, and voice conference without any noise. This single-machine luxury configuration is the best choice for current and future call centers. There are no other manufacturers at home and abroad that can achieve such capacity and complex functions on a stand-alone basis. In addition, the iSX1000 has also designed dedicated inter-machine cascade interfaces and can easily implement any number of functions. The station is non-blocking cascaded and can be reduced to a splitter or enterprise call.

Contact information: 020-85566523

Address of the company: 13-17, North Floor, 16th Floor, Building A, Huajing Software Park, 89 Zhongshan West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

Zhejiang Yuanchuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: Providing industry-leading smart customer service solutions, smart service cloud applications, and intelligent service robot products

Contact information: 400-028-2200

Company Address: 23rd Floor, Shimao Center, No.857 Xincheng Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Digital China (China) Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main Business: Call Center Middleware Products: CTI, IVR, Recording, Reporting, Large Screen Monitoring, Agent Map Call center business products: CRM, work order, knowledge base, report, quality inspection, scheduling, performance, training exam Smart Customer Service Products: Full Media Customer Service, Robotics Cloud products: cloud customer service, cloud video

Contact information: 010-61853706

Company Address: 4th floor, Digital Technology Plaza, No. 9 Shangdi Jiujie, Haidian District, Beijing

Flying Star Vip member

Main business: Feisida is a professional company that applies performance management and network performance monitoring. The NetVista and APM Vista platforms are the most widely used Internet performance monitoring platforms in China, providing end-to-end diagnostics and visibility of application performance, accelerating your application deployment, increasing customer satisfaction and business success.

Contact information: 010-62982318

Company Address: 4th Floor, Building 2, No. 9 Shangdi Fifth Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Beijing Ruijie Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main Business: We provide customers with substantial improvements in telecommunication management and workforce management.

Contact: +86 18612987969

Company Address: Room 1906, Zhongyu Building, No. 6 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Zhongtong Tianhong (Beijing) Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: Zhongtong Tianhong is a leading domestic customer center solution provider, providing cloud communication service solutions for global business users. It is the largest distributor of China Unicom's 400 business, the core business agent and strategic business partner of China Unicom Group, and the approval for cross-regional (national) value-added telecommunications business licenses approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.

Contact information: 01059658000

Address of the company: 21/F, Building B, Nanyang Theo Center, Science Park, Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Shanghai Mi Collar Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: Shanghai MJ Communications Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of enterprise communication and call center solutions in China. It brings together state-of-the-art technology professionals in the field of domestic communication integration and call centers, and has more than 10 years of experience in call centers. Construction experience, focusing on call center technology research, CRM system development, and providing integrated solutions for corporate communications. With a focus on high-quality service, Meili Communications is committed to providing customers with a highly user-friendly, full-featured and cost-effective call center solution based on customer needs.

Contact information: 4001-825-123

Address of the company: Room 773, No. 1189 Wuzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (Hongqiao Debi Yiyuan)

Medigway Vip member

Main business: Beijing Meggway Technology Co., Ltd. (Multitech) is the distributor and customer service center of Dialogic, Ingate, Media5, and TE_SYSTEMS four international brand products in China. It is a well-known data and fax in the domestic CTI industry. The multi-tech platform provider for multi-applications such as voice, video, and video has an experienced team that provides clients with a complete IP call center, unified communications solution, and network construction consultation while acting on SBC/gateway/media server products. Assist customers in quickly deploying a secure/flexible business platform.

Contact information: 010-8589 9851

Address of the company: 12B, City Plaza International, Shilipu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Shenzhen You Neighbor Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: AP Suite call center quality management software.

Contact information: 0755-2664 9500

Company Address: 3B, Block 8, Tianan Industrial Zone, Nanyou, No.25, Dengliang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Beijing Rong Lian Yitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: The first domestic and domestic largest open platform providing full communication capabilities.

Contact information: 400-610-1019

Company address: Block A, Fuma Building, No. 33, Guangshun North Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Shenzhen Dingxin Tongda Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main Business: FXS/FXO Analog Access Gateway, SS7/R2/PRI/SIP Trunking Gateway

Contact information: 0755-26456110

Company Address: Shenzhen Headquarters: 9th Floor, Guoxing Building, Changxing Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Yunzhixun Network Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: Cloud's communication business module mainly serves O2O, mobile office, free phone and intelligent hardware. Among them, O2O communication service is mainly to add embedded audio and video technology for apps such as mobile medical care and distance education. Users can directly communicate with teachers and doctors on the app; corporate communication services are mainly through voice group chat and audio and video conferences. Other ways to help internal communication, such as Alibaba launched in the use of this service to help users reduce call costs; security communications, cloud news and VEB security phone (for the high-end political and business people to create domestic security intelligence Mobile phones) cooperate to prevent eavesdropping on personal information, text messages, and call content through a series of encryption technologies.

Contact information: 4007776698

Company Address: 19th Floor, East Tower, Skyworth Semiconductor Design Building, No. 8 Gaoxin Nansi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Zhongke Dingfu (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: Zhongke Dingfu (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that has been independently researched and developed from the bottom core technology. The company has a smart semantic recognition technology in the field of natural language processing leading the industry level. The technology is based on the concept of leading concepts, and it solves the industry problem of natural language, especially Chinese ambiguity, and it has very obvious technological advancement. As a technology-leading enterprise focused on unstructured text big data analysis and mining, DingFu Technology has achieved high-tech enterprise certification, software enterprise certification and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise certification, and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and ISO27001 International safety management system certification. The company currently has 4 invention patents and 18 software copyrights. The company is also the sole technical cooperation unit of the "China Service Commission Big Data Promotion Center" under the Professional Quality Committee of the China Market Society. As the only technology partner of Tencent, DingFu Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed and launched the “Intelligent Media” Tencent Wisdom Communication Management Platform in 2016.

Contact information: 4001611977

Company Address: 17th Floor, Beichen Taiyue Building, No. 13 Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Unified Communications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: Unified Communications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a cloud communications service provider specializing in communication product R&D and solutions. The company was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Suzhou. It has established branch offices and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Wuhan. The company has unified communication products such as Baichuan, unified nails, unified cloud and electricity sales, and 51 flow, and provides services for more than 20,000 companies in education, real estate, manufacturing, finance, and medical services, helping companies improve sales performance and management. effectiveness. Unified communications use secure and stable product technology services to create a diversified, zero-bound intelligent cloud communications platform.

Contact information: 400-118-1178

Address of the company: Room 10002-10003, Jinzuo Building, No. 288, Guangji South Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City

Denmark Addasound Vip member

Main business: Denmark Addasound is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, development and research of wearable intelligent voice terminal products. It is a world-renowned provider of innovative solutions for intelligent voice equipment.

Contact information: 025-86370392

Company Address: 7th Floor, Building 6, 18 Jialingjiang East Street, Jianye District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Beijing Youyin Communication Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: Youyin Communications has its own top R&D team, and has developed the excellent tone phone, excellent tone hotline, excellent tone cloud customer service, excellent audio conferencing, excellent sound SIP trunk, excellent tone SMS, excellent tone 400 intelligent network API open. Fourteen “Yinyin Cloud” products including platform, excellent audiophile APP, excellent audio private communication network, and audio-frequency switchboard, 22 feature-tone features, and multi-products and services of Youyin through the Internet+IT communication platform. Make corporate communications simple, convenient and fast.

Contact information: 400-000-0011

Address of the company: 3F, Dingfeng Building, Building 2, No. 3A, Dawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Mindy Communication Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main Business: Traditional Products - MxOne/Solidus, MCD3300, Convergence Communication (UC) - MiCollab, Customer Contact Center - MiCC, Enterprise Cloud Communication - MiCloud, Mobile Cloud Enterprise Micro Cloud Communication - MiCloud Telepo, Serialized End Products - UC360, UCAPP, etc., Resale of Enterprise Cloud Communication Services.

Contact information: 010-64711338

Address of the company: 208, 2nd Floor, Zhaowei Building, No. 14, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Beijing True Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main Business: True Vision provides leading multi-media video solutions for large and medium-sized customers in the fields of energy, government, finance, transportation, and education. To meet the user's personalized demand for multimedia video systems as the goal, to provide a full range of services, including consulting, design, research and development, integration and services.

Contact information: 59220168

Company Address: B1008, Block B, China International Technology Exhibition Center, No.12 Madian Road, Madian, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing Shenzhou Taiyue Software Co., Ltd. Vip member

Main business: China Taiyue is a leading integrated software product and service provider in China, focusing on the use of information technology to promote industry development and social progress, improve people's work and quality of life. Since the establishment of the company, it has always been market-oriented, intensively cultivated, and has expanded its innovation and development. It has formed the core of "ICT Operation Management", "Internet of Things and Communication Technology Application", "Mobile Games", "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data". Relevant diversified development pattern.

Contact information: 18600554011

Address of the company: Building 1, No. 13A, Beiyuan Road, Beijing