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How to post information on the CTI Forum

How to post information on the CTI Forum

Thank you for your long-term attention to the CTI Forum. The CTI Forum is an open Internet media platform. Welcome everyone to participate in the CTI Forum.

Industry companies (individuals) and users can be on the CTI forumFree post information, Content includes: news, product introductions, cases and solutions, technical articles, etc. The legal validity of the content of the article is the responsibility of the contributing company (individual).

Business or personalContributor Instructions:

(1) Please send the manuscript with the attachment of word or txt file. Email the article to the edit submission box:Ctiforum#ctiforum.com, Please replace # with @.

(2) Please specify in the email title: "Contribute CTI Forum, Please leave the author or contact information, including the real name and telephone contact information, the company please use the e-mail submission.

(3) If there is a picture in the manuscript, please save it in the format of .jpg or .gif. The maximum width of pictures in the CTI Forum is 600px.

(4) Upon receipt of the manuscript, the manuscript meeting the requirements will be published within 2 working days and the contributor's article will be posted on the link of the CTI Forum.

(5) Due to the large influence of the CTI Forum in the industry, articles published will generally be reproduced in large quantities soon. If you do not want to be reprinted by other media, please specify the CTI Forum's exclusive contribution at the time of submission.

(6) Due to the large amount of information on the Internet, we do not pay the fee for the manuscript in general. Please inform us in advance. Please understand.

(7) Due to the large volume of submissions, there are no manuscripts to be used. Please forgive us that we cannot reply one by one.

(8) After confirming that your manuscript has been sent successfully, please do not send the same manuscript again.

(9) After a stable contact is established, we will send reporters or editors to contact you to discuss deeper content links.

(10) The method of changing published information is the same as the above steps.

Remuneration statement:

The standard for the .CTI forum is 30-100 yuan/kilo.Please submit the requisition at the same time.

According to the principles of the CTI Forum's manuscript, all articles published by the manufacturers do not pay for the articles, and only non-vendor propaganda articles written by the author are paid for. After the CTI Forum selected and paid the fee, the author could no longer vote for the second media. Other media reprints need to indicate "reproduced from CTI Forum (conferencecall4.com)". The author can request the royalties from the reprinter himself.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the construction of the CTI Forum. If you have suggestions or comments, please send an email to the edit submission box: ctiforum#ctiforum.com. Please replace # with @.